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Looking for place to fellowship?  H4C is a Graced-based Messianic Chavurah

En-Gedi Resource Center

Wonderful study resources online!

Israel Mosaic Radio

Balanced news from the Middle East – From Bridges of Peace.

Judaic Christian Studies

Dwight Pryor is a wonderful teacher!

Jerusalem Perspective

Exploring the Jewish background to the life and words of Jesus.

Restoration Foundation

Restoring the Biblically Hebraic Heritage to the Christian Believer

Zola Levitt TV

Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel.

Complete Jewish Bible

Read or search the Complete Jewish Bible by David H. Stern online!

Alfred Edersheim – Read Online
The Temple: Its Ministry and Services
Sketches of Jewish Social Life
Bible History, Old Testament
The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah

Jews for Jesus

Jewish Crafts

Looking for a fun craft to do with your children?  Find some wonderful ideas here!

Messianic Art.Com

A site over flowing with God’s riches!

Great Calendar tool at http://hebcal.com/

We’ve used this many times to make our calendars!

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Hebrew For Christians



Ancient Hebrew Research Center

Hebrew Songs

Hebrew Psalms

Abbott and Costello Learn Hebrew

Just for fun!

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Keciro Homeschool Lending Library

Creation Resource Lending Library

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our Creation Science Section, try here.  They have a tremendous collection!

Deaf Video Communications

Produces Christian videos in Sign Language and captions, Distributes them through a free lending library.

The Humane Society of the United States

The HSUS operates a loan program to provide students and educators with up-to-date alternatives to classroom animal dissection and live animal experimentation.  Materials are appropriate for middle school, high school and college levels.   C-D ROMS, Videos, Models…

The National Gallary of Art Loan Program

The National Gallery of Art provides slide teaching programs, multimedia programs, videocassettes, CD ROMS, and videodiscs.  They are circulated free of charge to educational institutions, community groups, and individuals throughout the United States.  We’ve borrowed from them many times!  A great resource!


Not an online Lending Library, but a site with some wonderful downloads.  Among the many free downloads of Bible software is the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary!


Free Book Ministry

Firefighters For Christ

Many Free Audio Sermons

Charity Gospel Tape Ministry

Canadian Homeschool Fellowship Lending Library

Subscription/Membership Libraries

NATHHAN Lending Library
NATional cHallenged Homeschoolers Associated Network
Special Needs Resources

The Homeschool Source

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Answers in Genesis


Creation Science Evangelism


Institute For Creation Research


Evolution Examined


Evolution, a Fairy Tale for Grownups


ICR Radio


Creation Library

Media Angels

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Messianic Homeschool Guide

Precious Privilege

Christian Homeschool Support (and a very dear friend!)

Make Your Own Word Searches

Templates To Make Your Own Board Games

Eclipse Crossword

Free software to make your own Crossword puzzels.

Teachers Pet

Free software.  We use this to make all our Go-Fish games.

Donna Young

Forms and Resources

ABC Home Preschool

A resourceful site for parents teaching their children preschool at home.

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Cyber Hymnal

Over 5,500 hymns and Gospel songs along with lyrics, scores, history…

Dallas Symphony For Kids

An amazing place!

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Crowned With Silver

“Let the Older Women Teach”…

Christianity Oasis

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